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Agriculture and Related Industries

We have valued ownership interests in agricultural businesses in such Counties as Kern, Fresno, Tulare, Modesto and North Los Angeles (Lancaster) areas of southern California, and Healdsburg, California - for estate planning & estate taxes:

Grower businesses, processing and packing sheds, cold and dry storage warehouses, cotton ginning operations in Bakersfield and Buttonwillow, agricultural supply businesses, turkey breeding operations in Iowa and Canada, co-op related businesses including those for prominent family-owned entities.

Examples of Assignments, farm/ranch businesses we have appraised:

Fresh fruit and vegetable processing and packing businesses including table grapes, brown onions, carrots, potatoes (various varieties), cotton, corn and soy (the latter two in the Midwest), alfalfa. Various row crops - several in rotation.

Orchards including almonds, pistachios, apples, oranges, other citrus, avocados

Vineyards including several varieties of table and wine grapes.

Recent assignments and current assignments include orange and citrus orchards, nut orchards, vineyards, row crop farming, large irrigation equipment renter / sales, for various purposes. Other assignments:

N & S Irrigation; U.S. Irrigation, Fruit Growers Lab, Palla Rosa Dairy, Dairy Equipment & Service Division; Produce Wholesales & Distributors

Certifiers, Inc., organic certifier working with growers & producers to insure organic certification.

We have also appraised growing nurseries including decorative trees and shrubs, flowers, landscape installation & several maintenance operations.