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Do I Need An Appraisal For My Estate?

Posted by BEACo on November 20, 2019

Estate planning is an important cog in the wheel of your overall financial planning efforts. As such, an appraisal of your estate is incredibly helpful for providing valuations for gifting and estate planning. The expert appraisers at Los Angeles based Business Enterprise Appraisal Co., Inc. are proud to provide appraisals, discount studies, consulting services, analysis and accurate documentation to enable you to support values reported to the IRS. Our thorough evaluation of assets, partnerships and other securities will enable you to accurately report the fair market value of assets gifted or transferred.

Here's a look at why an estate appraisal is in your best interest:
  • IRS regulations will require than any privately held business be appraised in order to support values claimed on estate or gift tax returns.
  • Professional appraisals will help safeguard against an IRS audit, or afford you support of claims if you are audited.
  • An estate appraisal will help the attorney structuring your estate plan to maximize any and all tax benefits.
  • Estate appraisals can provide a benchmark of value for various collections or assets, so that future appraisals can reflect a growth, or decrease in value.
  • Estate appraisals are deductible expenses on estate tax returns and may even be deductible in estate planning.
It is important that your estate be appraised by experts who have years of experience in valuation in Southern California. The experts at Business Enterprise have qualified as expert witnesses in most County Superior Courts, as well as the Federal District Court and the Federal Bankruptcy Court. In fact, we have also been appointed as the Court's own appraiser and Special Master on many contested matters, and our valuations have been affirmed on appeal by the California Appellate Court in two distinct matters.

Business Enterprise Appraisal Company, Inc (Business Enterprise) has served the business valuation needs of Southern California clients since 1972. We have assisted hundreds of individuals, attorneys, accountants, businesses, families, and the courts in Southern California by preparing accurate valuations and appraisals. To schedule an estate appraisal in Los Angeles today, email us at, or call (818) 591-9282.