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Investment/Rental Properties Valued and Divided in a Divorce: Where do you go from here?

Posted by BEACo on July 25, 2019

DivorceIn the course of a divorce, there are numerous assets on the table that will require proper valuation and division, so that each party is awarded their appropriate share. In Southern California and elsewhere, there are generally two approaches to dividing property in the event of a divorce:
  • The shared property can be sold and its proceeds divided between the two parties
  • One party can buy out the other’s stake in the shared property
Before a method can be agreed upon, the wisest decision possible is to have a divorce appraisal conducted by a trusted and experienced valuation expert. Often times, a divorce appraiser will testify to their findings in court, which is why it is of utmost important that your valuation is accurate, complete, and supported by a knowledgeable professional.
Divorce attorneys also rely heavily upon the information provided by an appraiser in ensuring that any and all shared property is divided fairly and accurately. It’s also important that the investment properties you are having appraised are court and IRS ready, to ensure the swiftest resolution of your divorce. Having a clear, detailed, and fact-based figure will help you and your attorney make the best-informed decision for you and your future.
If you and your former spouse own real estate in Los Angeles or the greater Southern California area and are going through a divorce, having a valuation conducted is the first and most intelligent move to make.
To schedule a consultation with one of our trusted, licensed Los Angeles marital dissolution valuation experts, call (818) 591-9282 or email
Business Enterprise Appraisal Company, Inc. ("BEACo") has served its Los Angeles and Southern California based clients with complete, court-supported appraisal reports since 1972. At BEACo, we specialize in business and marital dissolution valuations, and all other appraisal services. Our LA based firm offers reputable and comprehensive valuations to clients of all kinds. Our valuation experts have qualified as competent witnesses in Southern California Superior Courts, the Federal Bankruptcy Court, and Federal District Court, and our valuations been affirmed on appeal by the California Appellate Court. We have also been appointed Special Master on contested matters, and have served as the Court's own appraiser.